Australian Invasion

I was recently very humbled to be included in the Anyforty T-worldcollaboration Australian Invasion Tshirt series. I’ve been a big fan of both Eddie & Al for some time….but the real surprise was the amazing list of Australian artists they put together for the series.

BeastmanBen BigeniDale BegeniBen BrownDebMeggsNumskullPurdi Petunia & Ken Taylor

10 limited edition T-shirts each with there own 24 page mini magazine on the artist.

My brief was to create a hybrid of an emu and one of my eye monsters.

After what looked like a crazy launch in New York the Tee’s are now available from the Anyforty online store

Big thanks to Eddie Zammit & Al Wardlefor putting together such an amazing project.

Lookbook Photos by Rick Nunn

BeastmanBen BigeniDale BegeniBen BrownDebMeggsNumskullPurdi PetuniaKen Taylor

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  1. Scott Fuller

    This tee is sick! I also really like Numskulls tee. Nice work!


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