Beauty to Wake the Dead – Nothing to Fear EP

More reminiscent of my older work/style. Needed to flex my design muscle, haven’t been able to do any full on personal work in about 2 months. This is a pseudo album cover for a pseudo band, along with tshirt merchandise.
laFraise has been keeping me fairly busy over the last few months along with other freelance endeavors, so it’s nice to be able to sit down and work on some personal projects. Face is based on an image of my wife from a few years back. Full details on Behance.






  1. zutto

    i love this! the purple is awwsome

  2. man i love yur work. yur style iz unique. wish i knew how to make vectors. im a beginner. ive read one of yur tutorials, it was really helpful. is “pen tool” all u use?? making vectors seems complicated. i have the patience but not much of a klue how to do it.

  3. dr.demente

    una verdadera obra de arte

  4. Hey.. is there some info to get in touch for art work? Thanks


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