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THE GIRL BEHIND ALL THESE CANDYART Caramelaw, a mad motion graphic designer/illustrator from Singapore. Majored in animation back in school but ventured into broadcast design when she started working. She's done design work for MTV Asia,Sony International,DC Comics and many others. Won a Silver PROMAX Award back in 2005 for one of her on-air promos for MTV Asia. That made her a very happy girl. Besides the sickening world of broadcast, she finds herself emerged in her little world of candies, rainbows and mushrooms. Her vector world which she can never stop creating and hopefully, bringing joy to those who enjoys her art. /////// FANPAGE ON FACEBOOK /////// FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER

Trees in Heaven

Trees In Heaven

Trees In Heaven

Mother Nature. Trees.

For what they had provided us with no complains.They should go to heaven. Where birds and squirrels and other magical creatures would provide its every need.

Introducing the Depthcore 38th exhibition, our fourth freestyle body of work creatively entitled ‘Freestyle IV’.

Please visit the Depthcore website :

My Little Pony Candy Parlour

My Little Pony

I’m a MLP fanatic and I have 3 pretty parlour playsets at home,which I’ve decided to turn one into my very own version…called Candy Parlour!!!

Yes,it’s a customizing project. Will be customizing the entire pony house and a pony that would go with it as a set.

This is the sticker that would go onto the exterior of the pony house.The pony on the sticker,that’s Peppermintie Pollie. She shall be the owner of the Candy Parlour.
Will be designing stickers for the interior of the pony house as well.Should be fun. :)

I’m excited!

In my World

in_my_world_small1“When the sun sets, she rest and falls into a deep slumber…
Creatures creep out and float in the skies,peach blossom flowers bloom in the midst of nowhere.But still,she continues dreaming…in a world she calls her own…”

People wonder what goes on in an artist head.
This is me in my world. :)

This will be available on soon! :D

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