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Robotic Spacecraft Poster #1: The Voyager Program


The Voyager Program was voted #1 by a Planetary Society poll with 18.5% of the vote and thus became poster #1 for our poster series. As many of you already know… Voyager 2 holds the record for most celestial bodies observed in a single mission having flown by four planetary systems — two of which were previously, never seen before by human eyes. Then of course Voyager 1 also became the first man-made interstellar object with Voyager 2 expected to do the same in 2016.


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And this special detail that had to be left out as I couldn’t get approval for a for-profit to include Carl’s likeness.


Check out our second series now funding on Kickstarter. Series includes New Horizons at Pluto, Rosetta/Philae and Galileo at Jupiter.

Kickstarter: The Altered States of America

Chop Shop has been arranging the icons from the most popular science fiction, fantasy and horror for some time now into various compositions that usually get printed on tshirts. Now they are taking that concept into the realm of cartography. The Altered States of America will feature some of the greatest scenes from pop-culture history illustrated into a map of the USA. Examples to include: the iconic scene of “King Kong” atop New York’s Empire State Building, the final scream scene of “Body Snatchers” outside San Francisco’s City Hall, or the unforgettable scene of a devastated Statue of Liberty on a NJ beach, just to name but a few.

A Tribute to Monty Python in 77 Icons

After the success of our history and music of The Beatles design, We couldn’t resist doing one for the Fab Six of comedy. Our new “It’s Tee” features seventy-seven symbols that represent the comic genius of Monty Python. Several depicting some of the best-loved moments in their three films with a large majority dedicated to their “Flying Circus” television program that ran from 1969 to 1974. (more…)

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