Graphic Design for NIKE 2012 SP by Filter017

Filter017 design team was invitation by the well-known international sports brand NIKE Global Corporation letter in the USA. (Global Design the Nike the Graphics Studio, the CORE)
And we are officially signed on as the unit of NIKE special graphic design, and honored to participate in the NIKE Season Spring 2012 dress product graphic design.
This time our design has retro college baseball style, and now apparel had been released publicly in NIKE official.
Both we are quite satisfactory for the final results, it’s a pleasant business cooperation! (more…)

Branding & Textile Design 2011

One of my favorite parts of the design process is the shading and detailing pre-color. And although I love color, I always enjoy that point when a design is complete and in it’s black and white/greyscale phase.
This is a collection of branding and textile work I’ve done around 2011 and late 2010. Some of the projects you’ll recognize but most I have not released until now.
Baptism Records, Dr. Coolac, Futuristic Minds, Ubisoft, Atomic Lollipop, Contour Hooligans, Dead Astronauts & Join the Fly typographer by Filip Komorowski and JthreeConcepts.
Big thanks to all involved.

Full details on Behance.

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