Chaotic Moon Studios office mural

I had the great opportunity to illustrate and design the mural for the office where I work, Chaotic Moon Studios. We set out to create a fun and lively art piece that captures the spirit of who we are and what we like here at Chaotic Moon. The design was created in illustrator, then printed in multiple sections on vinyl and mounted to the walls. This project was completed last September, 2013.

Photography by Patrick Y. Wong

Also, hit me up on instagram if you want to see my works in progress: @atpcdesign

ChaoticMoon_lobby2 ChaoticMoon_lobby1 CM_WereTheBest_ill_logo CM_WereTheBest_illclose_Arcade CM_WereTheBest_illclose_RobotPigeon CM_WereTheBest_ill_ArtwallRight CM_WereTheBest_ill_ArtwallLeft CM_WereTheBest_illclose_ArtwallRight CM_Sidewall_illclose_right ChaoticMoon_ArtDepart

Graphic Design for NIKE 2012 SP by Filter017

Filter017 design team was invitation by the well-known international sports brand NIKE Global Corporation letter in the USA. (Global Design the Nike the Graphics Studio, the CORE)
And we are officially signed on as the unit of NIKE special graphic design, and honored to participate in the NIKE Season Spring 2012 dress product graphic design.
This time our design has retro college baseball style, and now apparel had been released publicly in NIKE official.
Both we are quite satisfactory for the final results, it’s a pleasant business cooperation! (more…)

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