5 Unusual Ways to Use Your Digital Design Skills to Make Money

If you’re a self-proclaimed graphic designer, chances are freelancing is no new territory for you. From infographics to logos, you’ve helped companies achieve a look for themselves unlike any other. And there’s definitely a feeling of deep satisfaction that comes along with that.

But now, maybe you’re ready for a change or just want to branch out (especially if a $5 Fiverr gig is making your hard earned efforts feel underappreciated). If so, here are a few ideas for ways you can employ your talent creatively – and make a tidy sum in the process if you do well.

  1. Email marketing designer ($51k/year)
    Usually every week – sometimes every day – companies are sending out emails to their subscribers or customers to promote products or keep users engaged on their website. But as with all kinds of branding, email is something that many businesses want to look professional and consistent with their other materials.
  2. Virtual architectural design specialist ($83k/year)
    A more obscure (but definitely well-paid) position, virtual architectural design specialists have the unique ability to construct a home out of thin air using highly sophisticated software. Combine the digital models with 3D printing and you can open up even more possibilities – maybe even working for a custom constructors like Creative Building.
  3. Multimedia Animator ($68k/year)
    This can include anything from flash animation to video game design. It has a very promising job outlook, as multimedia is only going to get bigger as I think we can all agree.
  4. Product packaging design expert ($45k/year)
    Physical goods sold online or in the store require talented and eye-catching packaging to do well. As a packaging designer, you can represent the brand in a creative way for their product.
  5. Book cover art creator ($48k/year)
    Working for authors to help design book covers can be a great opportunity to display your work with impact. You could even end up working for Barnes & Noble, if they don’t go out of business first.