Create Awesome Caricatures in Adobe Illustrator

Learn to make Bad Ass Portraits with a ‘twist’ in Adobe Illustrator!

Check out the tutorial

This tutorial series will teach you how to become a caricature master using vectors. I will teach you how to use the tools available, the very simple tools in Illustrator CS6, to make some of the most awesome and eye-catching portraits ever created. You will learn how to trace the portrait using basic brushes in Adobe Illustrator CS6. This will be basis for under painting and over painting. We will also learn how to use blend brushes in a very unique and creative way. You will use them to color and enhance the features of your portrait. You will learn how to capture the essence of the portrait without gathering too much information in creating your own unique and provocative image. You will learn how to use the warp tool in creative ways. You will learn how to squash, bend, pull and push the shapes to create awesome and unique caricatures of your portrait. You will learn the power and the complexity of using symbols and shapes to create different versions of each portrait. Have fun pushing portraits to their limits!

Check out the tutorial

Here is an Illustration I worked on for’s Premium section. I’ve been receiving many request for Illustrations with very busy surroundings. Watch part three of the series Here
Here is a list of the Tutorial Chapters:

1.Inking The Character
2. Coloring the Line Art
3. Coloring the Character in Photoshop
4. Opacity Mask Under painting
5.Overlay Lighting Techniques
6.Developing the Eyes and Colors
7. Planning The Background
8. Adding Light to the Background
9. Working with Flora
10. Final Chapter


The Sorceress

This piece was a total experiment which took me FAR out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed styling the hair (my wife had much input on this subject!) and creating the whole atmosphere surrounding the character. I posted a preview of the process on Vectology here so check it out!

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