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Hi Followers, I want to talk about a big project! This week there was launch of two app: #flyifyouareinlove & #ifyouareinlove* . Why i used the hashtag? Because this app is connected to Twitter.
The characters are birds, theme: Musical, all famous music genres, you can to see it in action in a short animation story. The application’s it’s simple : select your characters or your fav music style, write your tweet text with hashtag #ifyouareinlove, choose to send this at someone you love and then click the PLAY button. Enjoy it!

App available on : Facebook #ifyouareinlove or Website .
You can share your tweet both on Twitter or Facebook.

*the app’s language is only in Italian but it’s pretty intuitive, try it :)

#flyifyouareinlove is connected at Control Italia Italian Contest, is a app where you can win A trip to European capitals with your fiancé, boyfriend… Not Bad!

Back to School – vote for my illustration

Growing up, the school uniform policy didn’t leave too much room for standing out – apart from customizing your shoes and socks. My ‘Back to School’ illustration celebrates unique style from the floor up.

The illustration is a FluevogCreative finalist, where the winner is decided by public voting. So if you love it, then vote! All votes will be very much appreciated.

Bud Spencer contest on LaFraise launched a special contest dedicated to one of my childhood heroes: Bud Spencer. Maybe guys outside Europe don’t know who he is, but if you are my age and Italian or German or French or I don’t know, he probably was one of your favorite actors. Of course I had to take part in this :)
This is my submission. If you want to score this design to help me win this contest click this link: if you want to watch some work in progress and details click here:


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