Signor Giusto

I recently teamed up with Pigmenti a young italian brand, for a unique t-shirt. Briefly, I tell you who is Pigmenti is a printing project with another italian team Tantemani, a training and production workshop. Pigmenti isn’t only a workshop but a space for buying, displaying and selling high-quality, hand-printed, limited edition t-shirts.

So let me show you the t-shirt that i made it. Ta da! Signor Giusto. Signor Giusto is a nice guy a good guy that approving any your choice with thumbs up!

signor giustoSignor Giusto is printed on fair trade t-shirts weaved in e-cotton (150-160Gr/M2, 100% cotton, from the Aarong Project). Everyone who will make a pre-order the t-shirt, the first ten, they will receive a poster print.


A big thanks to everyone who buying this t-shirt and to Andrea and Michele, Pigmenti’s team.

Pigmenti + ithinkp Panfilia


Jthree Wallpack 2010

This collection represents Jared’s favorite personal pieces over the last 1-2 years.
All wallpapers illustrated by Jared Nickerson/J3Concepts/Jthree.

The Jthree Wallpack 2010 consists of 26 Desktop wallpapers in 1920×1200 and 2560×1600 resolutions and 24 iPad wallpapers in 1024×1024 resolution.
(iPad walls will also work with the iPhone and other like phones)

Please respect the copyright included with the pack.

Download now for $3.00

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All Wallpapers in this pack Copyright Jared K. Nickerson/J3Concepts 2010 By purchasing and downloading this wallpack (Jthree Wallpack 2010), you the Buyer, receive a non exclusive,non transferable limited right to only use the wallpapers that you acquire for personal use and for no other purpose.

In particular you MUST NOT: (a) directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell or provide for free the wallpapers or offer to do any of these things; (b) reproduce the wallpaper(s); (c) make the wallpaper(s) available on a website; (d) use the wallpaper(s) in a design/illustration which you are creating; or (e) incorporate the wallpaper(s) in a design/illustration which is created for Resale.

These restrictions apply to you whether the wallpaper(s) is being used in the creation of a work for yourself or for someone else and where the wallpaper(s) is being used in the creation of a work by someone else on your behalf. You may display/show the wallpaper(s) in a desktop or iPad screenshot for demonstration purposes only. If you have downloaded this wallpack from any website besides please contact with full details.

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