Computer Arts Projects | issue 128: Designer Challenge



Client: Computer Arts Projects
Project: Section > Designer Challenge | Design a T-shirt in 3 different colour ways

Challenger No.3 > featuring Stephen Chan | many thanks to Computer Arts for choosing me for their Designer Challenge feature ..
Computer Arts Projects Issue 128 | “The Freelance Survival Guide” out now!!


  1. Sweet! This must have taken ages!

  2. McKelly

    That’s great – I love seeing BSV members in Computer Arts!

  3. J3Concepts

    Big congrats mate, well deserved.

  4. StephenChan

    Thanks guys :) i am pretty chuffed too ..

    has BSV been in Computer Arts .. ?? surely .. ?! so much talent here ..
    I’ll have to contact them and suggest a BSV feature ! and cover !

    also need to start thinking up some BSV colabs ..
    I just noticed the section in the forum, but it is easily overlooked, and I think alot of ppl hasnt even seen it yet !

    • McKelly

      I’m down with the colabs – I guess the problem Jared and I found was that we’re all hard working professionals with very little free time ;)

      I’m sure with enough people something could be worked out.

      • StephenChan

        well .. I think we can definitely do something .. people cant be busy all the time, and if we dont set any crazy deadlines, i think it should be quite easy !

        say, if i start a project, eg. lets design a 1 colour A5 print !! and then ask who is free this month .. and I email everyone .. even if its 2 people ! thats all you need for a colab , right ? :)

        done !! :)

        i was planning on starting a collective a while back.. i thought it was good, because i was busy and didnt have time to create new work all the time, but if it was just 1/2 of a piece, then that is fine.. and then someone else finishes it .. the costs of producing something is halved also.. so its all good , in theory !


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