Journey To The East | DoA Kyoto Exhibition 2012


Collective: Designers of Asia collective
Project: Kyoto exhibition 2012 | Metropolitan Gallery

These 2 pieces are my illustrations for the first Designers of Asia collective group show in Kyoto.

It plays on name of the famous Chinese tale ‘Journey To The West’ – flipping around the directions because it symbolizes my own personal journey back to the east, from UK to Asia. The series consists of 2 parts, Journey To The East | Part 1: The Turtle Mountain Pass, showing a boy standing on the top of a mountain looking down the treacherous path ahead…Journey To The East | Part 2: Waiting in Kyoto, shows a princess or spirit of an Usagi, surrounded by temples – a symbol of Kyoto – waiting for the boy to arrive.

Please visit my Behance for more photos ^^ thank you for your support.

From 10/04/2012 to 22/04/2012

We are DOA (Designers of Asia) group, we are:
arts + community + collaborate + promote.
For our first exhibition we choose Kyoto, because we feel it’s a city of connections, where you can meet people from around the world,
Come to see our works “DOA connections” at Metropolitan Gallery Café.

私たちはDOA (Designers of Asia) というのは

DOA website

〒606-8334 京都府京都市左京区岡崎南御所町18

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