Monster Mayhem is launched!!

Hi Bros
Disappear for a long time, do you remember me?? : )
After around 5 months development, our new iPhone game Monster Mayhem is finally launch!!
Letz check some information~

For more game information, please visit here

And if you like it, download it here :)


  1. fraken-ken is my favorite

  2. nikholmes

    Lovely, chunky monster violence! I like it!

  3. Fantastic character designs. Congratulations

  4. Brad Mahaffey

    Looks fun :) Characters look great. Congrats on the launch.

  5. StephenChan

    that is absolutely amazing !!! all the characters are so well designed and cute and cool

    love this !! great work .. very jealous !!

  6. Just bought it, so much fun and the art is amazing! Awesome work!

  7. J3Concepts

    Very very nice work mate. I’m jealous that it was only 5 months in production, I’ve been working on some iPhone games for over a year now.
    Great work either way, will be buying it today!

  8. san@ce

    thanks all Bros : )
    hope you enjoy the game, if you brought it~
    and no need to jealous
    because i didnt have any incomes in this half year…..ha………

  9. Mr.Flurry

    Really excellent work. I love it, blagging the GF to download it on her Iphone now.

  10. Short

    So good!! the trailler is really nice! ;)

  11. Hey bro, I was playing your game and its really fun!!!

    This game have most of the basic concepts of a good game design. GOOD WORK!!!

    I just have one question, Does the money generated with this game really worth the time expended in the development?


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