Thunder Chunky Time Capsule

Time Capsule by Thunder Chunky

If you haven’t done so already, pop over to Thunder Chunky and check out the TC Time Capsule. If you see something you like be sure to use the nifty ‘Tweet This’ button. Very nice to see some fellow BSV members in there too.

What’s your most memorable event/artwork/project from the last 10 years and what do you plan to do with the next 10?


  1. McKelly

    You’ve seen my memorable work for the past 10 years, what I hope to do in the next 10 years or so is to become a pro at screen printing. You’ve read it here first… Now I have no excuse to delay ;)

  2. Brad Mahaffey

    My most memorable I think is the iphone app I created. First iphone app I ever did and it was a ton of fun. Come to think of it need to find more projects like that =)

  3. StephenChan

    Hey Loungekat

    Thanks for posting about this .. I was just about to post and then I saw you’ve written about it already .. one step ahead :)

    I did try to invite as many BSV members as possible, but I didn’t get many replies :) lol

    Here’s a link to the project that is my most memorable :
    Stephen Chan artwork in the @thunderchunkyuk Time Capsule > #tctc

    Hopefully in the next 10 year BSV will become the most famous collective ever, and we’ll take over the world :)


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