Zomboy Promo

Last week I got to indulge my zombie love when I created this short promo for Dubstep artist Zomboy, who I also created an undead ident for too.  You can view the promo here, but meanwhile here are some screen caps.



  1. J3Concepts

    Ha ha, this is awesome bud. Love the Organ Donor Dancers and the skin falling off the paczombie. Very nice work bud!

  2. nikholmes

    Thanks man, it was great fun to do this and getting hockey masks in there was sweeeet. Just wish I could have figured out a way of embedding the video.

  3. thinkd

    Always love your zombies!!!!!

    • nikholmes

      Cheers fellah, glad you like ‘em!

  4. Nik Holmes for the epic illustration win!

  5. fuckin sick man, well done!

  6. I just found your work when looking for an album cover. Awesome to find your website. I always liked those graphics for Zomboy. The organ donor takes the cake!

    You’re very talented! I’m going to add a link to your site in an upcoming post.


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