Interview with Nathan Jurevicius


I recently interviewed Nathan Jurevicius and the production team behind the Scarygirl online game. If you haven’t seen Nathan’s work before I suggest you take a look!

Best known for creating the quirky world of Scarygirl, Nathan Jurevicius is one of the industry’s hardest working illustrators. Not only is he the creative force behind a swag of collectible figures, various mini comics, solo exhibitions in both Australia and overseas, a graphic novel (due to be released October ’09) and a proposed feature film. He is also responsible for the lavish styling of the newly released Scarygirl online game.

This was not achieved by one person alone. With the help of Sophie Byrne (Passion Pictures Australia) and financial assistance from the Film Victoria Digital Media Fund – Nathan, and a team of dedicated professionals have brought the world of Scarygirl to life.

In this interview, developers Tony Polinelli and Tarwin Stroh-Spijer from Touch My Pixel, ‘in game’ Flash animator Suren Perera from Renmotion and Nathan Jurevicius share their professional viewpoints on the production of this ground breaking project.

Read the rest of the interview at Vectortuts+


  1. J3Concepts

    Thanks for the post. Great interview and insight into an amazing artist.

  2. Brilliant tutorial here! All the creativity of Nathan Jurevicius is so talent full. Hope he will gives us more better illustration as related conception. Thanks for sharing:)


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