STEREO BOY Dudebox toy


I would like to introduce my first ever toy design. It was quite exciting to see my 2D design turning into 3D object. Pretty Cool!!



This is my raw illustrator design before it became a toy.

these images below are from the launch party of DUDEBOX, the UK toy manufacture.

my toy is a part of blind box correcter series along with other artist’s toys. A blind box is a surprise box and you don’t know which toy you are going to get until you open it.



  1. gagatka

    Love this retro robot style in it!

  2. I’ve been wanting to do this for years…. What was the process involved? I’d love to hear about what happens after the Illustration part, on its way to actual 3D pieces.

  3. stubbornsideburn

    Thanks Gagatka!

    Hi there Firmtofu! Actually, on my part, the 2D design is the last part of the process. Everything else was done by the manufacture. I think they did an excellent job to translate into 3D design.


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