Wooden iPhone cases by Okayboss

wooden iphone cases by okayboss

New stuff from Okayboss!
We managed to source high quality timber iphone cases and added some lasers. These are the results.
wooden iphone cases by okayboss
wooden iphone cases by okayboss
wooden iphone cases by okayboss
wooden iphone cases by okayboss
wooden iphone cases by okayboss
wooden iphone cases by okayboss
wooden iphone cases by okayboss
wooden iphone cases by okayboss

It took a bit of time optimising the hand-drawn art into vectors suitable for this type of work. Really happy with the results. They make your phone look awesome.

Find out more on our facebook or shop!

Dunny 2012 Release & Trade Party

Poster for my friends at Plastikowe Serce – Dunny 2012 Release & Trading Party !!! A little bit late but still its a #1 premiere in Poland :]

People from Warsaw are especially invited! Come by and say hello :]

More info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/266778370094388/

Akuma Mega Pack

Hi guys!

I havent posted a thing for a long time so its time for some fresh stuff :)

First of all Ive posted an Mega Pack on Behance so go there and check it out!

Here is one of many illustrations posted there. This is a pirate themed illustration for Teesbook which will be printed as a sticker and postcard!

Teesbook is a independent tees platform where you can show off your closet, discuss projects etc :)


Mostly Ex-Presidents As Badass Secret Agents

Two illustrations featuring 6 ex-presidents inspired by the actual (now largely ceremonial) code names given to each of the presidents by the Secret Service, a tradition that began with Harry S. Truman.

Liberally motivated Team Blue, with agents Deacon, Eagle and Renegade, are keeping the world safe for Democracy and maintaining the social safety net. Comes for men and women on navy or silver colored tees.

Join Team Red, with agents Rawhide, Timberwolf and Searchlight, as they embark on a daring scheme to spread Democracy and cut taxes! Get it for men or women on cranberry or charcoal tees.

Both images illustrated by Thomas Romer for Civilicious/Chop Shop.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: The Making of Nitsua Pt.1

I’ve been playing around with Adobe Illustrator CS6 for the past month now, and I’m discovering some pretty amazing things that really push the boundaries of vector art. Texturing is the hall mark of creating realistic and believable concept art and environments that give the viewer a sense of space and realism. Check out the Tutorial HERE

Autumn Love


I’ve been invited to take part in the project “The Shape Factory” by Greg Darroll aka Tokyo-Go-Go. My choice went to the circle shape, since I’m way more comfortable with that, as you may have noticed.

The work should be exhibited next Autumn in a gallery in Durban, South Africa. It will be Spring there, but to me it will be Autumn, so…

I’ve also put on scoring this work on LaFraise and any help will be much appreciated :)

This work has also been my second one done with my new Wacom Cintiq (which is awesome), more details here

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