Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: The Making of Nitsua Pt.1

I’ve been playing around with Adobe Illustrator CS6 for the past month now, and I’m discovering some pretty amazing things that really push the boundaries of vector art. Texturing is the hall mark of creating realistic and believable concept art and environments that give the viewer a sense of space and realism. Check out the Tutorial HERE

Autumn Love


I’ve been invited to take part in the project “The Shape Factory” by Greg Darroll aka Tokyo-Go-Go. My choice went to the circle shape, since I’m way more comfortable with that, as you may have noticed.

The work should be exhibited next Autumn in a gallery in Durban, South Africa. It will be Spring there, but to me it will be Autumn, so…

I’ve also put on scoring this work on LaFraise and any help will be much appreciated :)

This work has also been my second one done with my new Wacom Cintiq (which is awesome), more details here

The Gamer

Hey, here are my new illustrations for a group exhibition in Hong Kong.

The idea is player 1 VS player 2.
Each illustration features my favorite shooting game and action game characters.
When the 2 illustrations put together, it looks like 2 groups of characters battling against each other.
For more detail, please visit the link here, thanks : )

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: The Making of Jim


Here is my new Earthworm Jim redesign! I went for a slimmer version that will focus more on speed and weapons. I also did away with the robot suit and made him an actual worm with arms and legs. In this tutorial you will learn how to composite sketches, create vector rock textures, and use the warp tool to create unique symbol instances.


High Rides & Low Tides exhibition 2012

Collective: Brothers of the Stripe
Project: High Rides & Low Tides exhibition

This set of 3 illustrations were created for the first ‘Brothers of the Stripe‘ exhibition – High Rides & Low Tides.

The story of Giant Bird & Little Bunny – ‘Tori Atama to Usagi Chan’ – a short adventure at sea. The water barely covers Giant Bird’s ankles, as he wades through the sea with his head in the clouds. Little bunny plays and sleeps – carefree in the protect on her giant friend…

Please visit my Behance for more photos ^^ thank you for your support.



Get A Grip & The Custard factory Presents:

Is the first of 8 group exhibition of original works by Brothers of The Stripe.
The show aims to bring together a mix of individual illustration styles & A unique Visual take on imaginative rides via land and sea.

originals, limited edition prints and more.

Brothers of The stripe are Stephen Chan, Joel Millerchip, Kristian Jones, FiST, The Cloud Commission, Iain Sellar, Will Scobie, and Mr The Beef.

On the opening night there will be Live drawing, Live Screen printing By GET A GRIP and live music (TBA).

A massive thank you to The Custard Factory, Get A Grip, and Our Sponsor Kuretake.

Tentacle Lady – 24 hour print

Do you have a hankering for something to fill a nice space on your wall, say around 14 by 18 inches? If so, you could do worse than to check out on Tuesday 12th June. They’ll be selling my Pink Girl with Tentacles for only $30, 14″ x 18″ Giclee on Matte Velvet Fine Art Paper. It’s limited to only 50 prints however, and once they’re gone that’s it.
It was nice to produce some work which was entirely original, and not so pop culture inspired, and hopefully it’s a theme I can revisit soon.
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