I Fear You Girl (Dead Astronauts)

This is a collection of promo material and branding for my band Dead Astronauts. This was completed over the last 2-3 months and marks one of my largest repeating patterns to date.
The collection will be available as a promotional wallpack once our first single is available for purchase (later this year).

Dead Astronauts is:
Paul Aspin on production and mastering
Jared K. Nickerson on production, vocals and songwriting
Delores Kyle on backup vocals

Dead Astronauts are currently unsigned but will be distributed non-exclusively through Subtone Records later this year.

Prints, mobile device skins and tshirts available at Artsprojekt.

Female portrait based on photography by Julian Erksmeyer
Model: Kinga -Katarzyna Kamin
Special thanks to Glenn Arthur for upper body reference sketches on female portrait.

Full details on Behance.


  1. Scott Fuller

    NIce work Jarred! I dig the diagonal stripping and the broad use of colors. And of course the skeleton’s positivity.

  2. mal

    Fun and insightful, ha – always love your taglines

  3. Focus

    Always a good collage of your work. Love it. :)

  4. HN84

    Your patterns are always stunning!

  5. Nigel

    Incredibly detailed. I love how the rainbow of colour on the main character helps lift it from the busy pattern. Brilliant.


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