Illustration x Transparency = 憤世疾俗

Hello everyone, nice to meet you all.

I am Man-Tsun, illustrator from Hong Kong.

This is the first time to write a post in BSV here.

Recently, i had held a solo exhibition in Hong Kong here. The artwork presented in a unique way with “double-plastic” drawing, one on top while the other underneath, thus “double” the presenting of the artwork.

You can view more pictures from my show in here.


  1. mal

    Just saw your work somewhere the other day – Digital Arts I think. Really nice work Man Tsun, and the transparency printing…good stuff

  2. J3Concepts

    Really great idea, turned out very nicely. And welcome to BSV :)

    • Man-Tsun

      Thanks, J3Concepts!

  3. Focus

    Beautiful work man. The line work is extremely clean. Love it.

    • Man-Tsun

      Hey Focus, thanks for your comment!


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