Kyle the Bomb

This was a very exciting project for me . Scott from ShinBone Creative and I started chatting awhile back about working on a toy project together. We mulled over a few ideas, and decided that “Kyle” my bomb mascot would be a good option. Kyle has been a staple in my branding for the last few years, and we figured it would be one of the most recognizable of my characters.

It’s no secret that I have been wanting to have some of my characters rendered in 3D, and the chance to potentially release this guy as a toy one day got me very very excited to say the least.
Again big thanks to Scott at ShinBone and make sure to follow him on Twitter.
On a side note, if this little guy gets enough online support, we might consider making him into a limited run of toys, spread the word :)


  1. mal

    haha, that’s so cool, love the close up fisties

  2. Brad Mahaffey

    Wow so cool. Blanking on a good descriptive word for it, but I’ll just say.. “epic”

  3. Price

    So cool…great work….I’d buy it!!


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