Nothing Without Love (Desktop Wallpack)

Original photo ‘Jamaica’ by Nikos Vasilakis, used with full permission. Model  is Katerina Anyfantaki. Wallpack consists of 4 different desktop wallpapers all at 1920×1200 and 2650×1600 resolutions. Please respect the included copyright.

Download full wallpack here

Full Jthree Wallpack 2010 Available at BloodSweatVector


  1. beautiful…simply…beautiful…thank you so much for this Mr. Nickerson :)

  2. nikholmes

    Wow. I can’t tell, are the tats vector or freehand? It works so well.

  3. i found this on behance ( and loved them stright off the block :D

    (currently in my rotating desktop wallpapers file with the other jconcepts work)

    i was wondering tho…would it be possible to get hold of the original image, and the two subseqent images shown in the behances profile where the woman is half way between the photo and the vector?

  4. Hey everybody ! This site is very interessant, and nice job !


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