The Last Vampire Astronaut & The Quest for the Saturn 9-A Crystals

This piece will mark my first personal work of 2011 and is directly/indirectly inspired by classic “Sci-Fi B movies”. I’m very happy with how this turned out in the end. Tired a few different techniques on this one as well as starting my whole creative process differently, and I think it paid off in the end.
Will be available for purchase as prints, iPad cases etc. at Artsprojekt in the next 24 hours.

Full details on Behance.



  1. Looks great. Especially like the modular brains, could be fun to see a character base around these plugging in for different personalities. Keep up the good work.

  2. Brad Mahaffey

    Love the little brain things, the rest looks pretty awesome too.

  3. I third that – something fantastic about the brains. Great piece of work!


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