The Seventh Daughter Nana


Client: Domestic Etch magazine
Exhibition: Summer themed – Double page spread

The Seventh Daughter ‘Nana’ :
“…On the seventh second of the seventh minute
On the seventh day of the seventh month
A girl was born, the Seventh Daughter ‘Nana’
Standing on the ‘diving board of life’
About to jump in to the deep end of ‘the future’
She is brave and bright, a fiery summer spirit….”

My illustration can be viewed normally or flipped upside down / reversing past and future (or please interpret it how you will)
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  1. Scott Fuller

    Very cool! I like the perspective of this illustration. Nice work.

    • StephenChan

      thanks Scott !! :)
      i will experiment more with perspectives ..

  2. Very M.C. Escher-esque. love the flip of directions. Nice concept and execution!


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