Wall Murals/Wallpapers 2010

This is a collection of wallpapers and wall murals available at Imgs Custom Wallcoverings. All of these are now available for purchase and are manufactured and shipped from Australia. Most of these are Photoshop mockups but this gives you a general idea of size and placement.
To purchase any of the designs please visit the Shop.
Full collection available to view on Behance.


  1. these are great!
    i would jump out of bed with a backflip every morning if i had a mural like that in my room :D

  2. Price

    These look great, especially in large scale!!! Nice Work

  3. Brad Mahaffey

    Very cool feeling. I want some of these on my wall

  4. roompoetliar

    wao!..really nice concept for vector as art media!

  5. 3ahia

    this is superbly charming!


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