Four Endings by Joby Cummings

Four Endings

Another master-work of typography by Joby Cummings is Four Endings, wherein the words death, judgement, hell and glory are woven into the likeness of a cross. Yet another reminder from Joby to always do your best to avoid that pesky eternal damnation.

Get Joby’s other design Seven Deadly Sins as well as Four Endings at Chop Shop — despite the dark and foreboding themes — just in time for the holidays!

Saving the Date for Phish

Save the Date: God

Chopping Block first worked with Phish back around the late 90′s on a number of projects including (but not limited to) Farmhouse, The It Festival, Phish 2.0 and later Phish 3.0. Depending on the nature of the project, Phish has always leaned heavily toward the absurd and often messing with conceptual approaches to user interaction.

Save the Date: Ants

The goal of “Save the Date” was reveal where the long awaited next Phish Festival would be held – the first since the band disbanded back in ’04. This was done by presenting users with an open map of the US and over time remove states not in the running with some kind of bizarre animation. First to go were New Hampshire, Idaho and West Virginia by having what seemed to be some kind of national cardiac arrest and they expired. Many more were to follow with strange eliminations such as getting blown off the map by God himself (image at top) to being flipped to death by a squid-headed Vanna White.

Save the Date: The Reveal

As far as we are aware, this is the only place to see the original roll-out of the Festival8 show. The festival8 site and identity was also designed by Chopping Block and can be seen here.

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