Bud Spencer contest on LaFraise

LaFraise.com launched a special contest dedicated to one of my childhood heroes: Bud Spencer. Maybe guys outside Europe don’t know who he is, but if you are my age and Italian or German or French or I don’t know, he probably was one of your favorite actors. Of course I had to take part in this :)
This is my submission. If you want to score this design to help me win this contest click this link: http://en.lafraise.com/Submission/index/id/142953 if you want to watch some work in progress and details click here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Bud-Spencer-contest-t-shirt-design/5850865


Urban Samurai t-shirt design

Hello BSV people and fans! I just came back from Japan, simply amazing! You should go there if you never been there yet! Specially if you’re interested in character design, well, that’s the Country. Anything has a character: billboards, signage, packaging, public and private companies, even the police has a little cute character (called Pipu if I’m not wrong) on their stations’ signs!
Well, by the way, just back from Japan I put this new design on LaFraise. I really hope you’ll enjoy it and score it (and maybe share it around). Arigato Gozaimas ^_^

Nobrow : People I’ve Never Met



The first project by Fairytale Asylum* for the ‘NOBROW’ competition -

*Fairytale Asylum = is a new collaborative experiment and experience by Stephen Chan AND Wundercloud. Combining their skills, and creating a completely new and evolving style, with unlimited possibilities and outcomes.

view close-ups – extra details: BEHANCE
view flickr – competition group: People I’ve Never Met + Conversations I’ve Never Had

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