Two Colours | Three Dimensions Exhibition | Hong Kong 2013

‘Stephen Chan and Friends Presents’ is the first exhibition developed and curated by illustrator and graphic designer ‘Stephen Chan’ & ‘Odd One Out’ Gallery. He has drawn together 30+ creatives around the theme of Anaglyph / Red and Blue, exploring illusions and 3D effects along with a visual narrative of ‘Opposition and Harmony’. Stephen Chan and Friends brings: \\ Animations //, Surrealism and Papercraft to the table all in the vibrant setting of – Hong Kong – at the serene cafe / gallery ‘Odd One Out’

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Some pictures from ‘Two Colours | Three Dimensions Exhibition | Hong Kong 2013′



Participating artists include:

Artwork: / Link to Artwork
Bubble Friends, Cloud Commission, Mr the Beef, Mister Millerchip, Tim Cockburn, FiST, Will Scobie, Sam Peet, Patrick Schmidt, Dominic Le-Hair, Peskimo, Natsuki Otani, Tougui, Zutto, Yema Yema, ph7labs, Jessica Fortner, Sokkuan, Kuanth, Martojaks, Dan Matutina, Kristopher Ho, Stephen Chan…more TBA

Animation: / Link to Animations
Clarissa Gonzalez, Sparkle VFX, Draw and Code, Rethunk Animation, Broken Antler, Stephen Chan…

Papertoy sculpture template:
Tougui, Stephen Chan…



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