Dead Astronauts Project Vol.1 Wallpapers

We’ve decided to save up some of the remaining Dead Astronaut Project Vol.1 wallpapers, and package them together for easy fan download. (All desktop wallpapers are 2560×1600)

The wallpack will be totally free, all we ask is that you pay for it with a Tweet or Facebook post!

Big thanks to all artists involved (26 in total) and big thanks to all the fan support.

Make sure to check back in the coming months for Vol.2 as well as our EP and then Album dropping end of Summer!

Dead Astronauts Official Site
Dead Astronauts Facebook
Dead Astronauts Twitter
Dead Astronauts Soundcloud

Favorite Lover

Some of you have been participating in my Dead Astronauts Project over the last month or so, but before I start releasing any of that, or even sharing the details with the public. I wanted to share a free wallpaper and mp3 with you!

First the wallpaper is a promo piece and a version of our single cover of our upcoming release August 28th on Subtone Records. The single will be called “Favorite Lover” and features remix by Moussa Clarke & Sums, Karl Montenegro, It Takes Two To Tango and Tyke! You can download the full size 2560×1600 wallpaper here. Typo by Filip Komorowski and Jthree Concepts, rest of the design is Jthree Concepts.

Also, as promo we’ve made the Tyke! remix available for free download below:

Dead Astronauts – Favorite Lover (Tyke!s Rubber Dub)(Free Download) by DeadAstronauts

Your Disco is Dead (In 3D)

Teodoru Badiu and I have been trying to work together for a few months now, and apparently within the last week or so, was just the right time. We reviewed a few designs to render in 3D, designs that would show off my style but also give Teodoru enough artistic freedom to add his own style to the piece.
“Your Disco is Dead” seemed to be the perfect piece for that.

We are both very happy with the outcome, and I loved how Teo brought his own style to the piece.
Hopefully this is a precursor to more projects with Teo.

Full details on Behance

3D version available for your desktops (2560×1600) for a limited time
Original version is part of the Jthree Wallpack 2012


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