Filter017 CREALIVE Dept. Work Shirt Release.

For commemorate Filter017 CREALIVE arrival to Taichung and set up our own conceptshop. We use the idea from Filter017 DEPT. to made this outdoor style patch work shirt. We hope more friends join us-the pop life style with Filter017!

Specialy, This time we design the shirt in long cutting only for girl! This is our frist time to do this. High density embroidery and rich spirit of slogan.Any detials are we care about. It’s summer work style and scout spirit in it! Wear it now! Join us become a Filter017 CREALIVE DEPT.!

Colors: Khaki、Navy
Size: Male L/M/S ‧ Female S/XS

More pictures, please click our site!

Filter017 CREALIVE Shop
Add:No.10, Ln.201, Sec.3, Sanmin Rd., North Dist.,40445 Taichung City. Map

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