“Good Guy Pipe” – FREE iOS game

Are you tired of those games where you dodge pipes with birds, fishes, superheroes, buffalos, whatever?
We were too, yet we love the simple concept behind this “1 tap anywhere” games. So we thought to flip the mechanic! How? Easy: we make the pipe going up and down :D
We also added a series of power-ups to make the gameplay more various.These poor flying weirdos have some problems, but luckily the Good Guy Pipe is there to help them passing through!

What we wanted to achieve was a very simple concept, a challenging but not frustrating game and a 100% arcade feeling, everything wrapped in a mega-cute design.


The project on Behance includes sketches, drawings, characters, video, gifs and screenshots

Filter017 X Stikalicious iPad Wallpaper App

Filter017 honored in 2010 invited to participate in “Stikalicious” The interesting Apple App Project!

Developed by the Canada CHOCOLATE SOOP™ company’s App software, build a good image around the world, the role of designers and artists, this design through the stickers and street art culture and behavior, to have the iPad users can follow their own preferences , choose your favorite artists and the role to create and combine a unique work of their own!

Filter017 has been issued a variety of image stickers to pass such a simple and direct mode, so that love can understand our friends, our image and the image memory, and now also through such digital form, also allow such behavior, easier!

Download Stikalicious App (for iPad)
Stikalicious App Site: http://stikalicious.com/

More information and pictures please click our official article

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