Captain Duckula the Third

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Happy Halloween! BSV members and fans – this has been in my sketch book for 2 Halloweens’ and now finally I’ve had time to vector him up…

“..Captain Duckula the Third, carried by his trusty ‘Bone-bird’ Tweety, rides down from his castle on the ‘Cursed Mountains’ every full moon. He picks up his offerings, 2 raven haired virgins and a pair of the newest sneakers.. He enjoys long strolls with his bird and sticking his tongue out whilst riding, similar to that of a dog..carefree.. but he’s short-sighted so don’t cross his path..Also has dreams of becoming a pirate one day..”

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Editions / Power in Numbers Screenprints


Edition / Power in Numbers ‘Prints’ from the exhibition a few weeks ago, by Cure Studio and Print Club London now available to ‘Purchase’. 50 copies of 50 one colour screenprints were printed, with the theme ‘Power in Numbers’. Its amazing what you can achieve with just one colour, and how the artists have approached the theme so differently.

My screenprint: ‘For Good / For Evil’

“…We had an open call for submissions which we put out to the illustrator community at large – we also approached a few key people directly who we knew would produce something amazing,” enthuses Hurst. “Out of the open call we received over 400 submissions from all over the world… it’s very sad we could only print up 50 of them!” The two enterprising curators have chosen work by artists from Pakistan, Germany, Israel, France, Norway and the UK for the show…”

Photos of the event and the process can be seen here, “Flickr”

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“Creative Review”
“Design Week”

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