Hello small town





This work has been one of my proposals for Hello Bank by BNP Paribas campaign, in collaboration with Curioos and Publicis Paris. This one in particular has not been chosen, but I spent so much work on it that I wanted to share :) . To see more details and the other proposals, including the chosen one, you can check the project on my behance

The Myth of Totummy




Client: The Publishers Club™
Exhibition: The Publishers Club™ x Inkygoodness

Artwork made for the “Publisher’s Club X Inkygoodness Exhibition” – Inspired by the theme ‘Totem’ – and created to be screen-printed live on the night of the exhibition for the cover of the first Publisher’s Club Zine.

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“…’The Myth of Totummy’ – it is said that this group of creatures used to wander the ancient lands .. with their superior intellect and strength .. warding off evil spirits and saving lost kittens from really tall cactus’ (this is why they stand on each others shoulders). Gigantic ‘Totem’ poles were made in their image to scare off beasts and spirits, but this might have also scared away these guardians too.. we will never know…”

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Be a Gremlin!

Now you don’t have to eat after midnight to transform into a gremlin!   Head on over to this link to download your very own gremlin mask making kit (aka a PDF).

The ability to multiply with water and an appreciation of vintage Disney not included.

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