Journey To The East | DoA Kyoto Exhibition 2012


Collective: Designers of Asia collective
Project: Kyoto exhibition 2012 | Metropolitan Gallery

These 2 pieces are my illustrations for the first Designers of Asia collective group show in Kyoto.

It plays on name of the famous Chinese tale ‘Journey To The West’ – flipping around the directions because it symbolizes my own personal journey back to the east, from UK to Asia. The series consists of 2 parts, Journey To The East | Part 1: The Turtle Mountain Pass, showing a boy standing on the top of a mountain looking down the treacherous path ahead…Journey To The East | Part 2: Waiting in Kyoto, shows a princess or spirit of an Usagi, surrounded by temples – a symbol of Kyoto – waiting for the boy to arrive.

Please visit my Behance for more photos ^^ thank you for your support.

From 10/04/2012 to 22/04/2012

We are DOA (Designers of Asia) group, we are:
arts + community + collaborate + promote.
For our first exhibition we choose Kyoto, because we feel it’s a city of connections, where you can meet people from around the world,
Come to see our works “DOA connections” at Metropolitan Gallery Café.

私たちはDOA (Designers of Asia) というのは

DOA website

〒606-8334 京都府京都市左京区岡崎南御所町18

I Fear You Girl (Dead Astronauts)

This is a collection of promo material and branding for my band Dead Astronauts. This was completed over the last 2-3 months and marks one of my largest repeating patterns to date.
The collection will be available as a promotional wallpack once our first single is available for purchase (later this year).

Dead Astronauts is:
Paul Aspin on production and mastering
Jared K. Nickerson on production, vocals and songwriting
Delores Kyle on backup vocals

Dead Astronauts are currently unsigned but will be distributed non-exclusively through Subtone Records later this year.

Prints, mobile device skins and tshirts available at Artsprojekt.

Female portrait based on photography by Julian Erksmeyer
Model: Kinga -Katarzyna Kamin
Special thanks to Glenn Arthur for upper body reference sketches on female portrait.

Full details on Behance.


HBZ X Filter017 RECYCLE BAG was Filter017 collaborative with independent music brand-HBZ.It’s a functional,funny and easy to storage shopping bag.

HBZ is a music/concept clothing unit in 201CREW,Taichung with friendly shop SEVENCLUB.HBZ was released waterproof shopping bag at this summer.It’s looks simple , easy to storage and useful.Bags were sold out soon.

This new release waterproof shopping bag used Teflon material on surf clothing and extreme sports. Antifouling and drying fast let bags can re-use at short time.It’s a best choice for shopping or backup.

Filter017 and HBZ both are independent creative unit. Ideas match,Shop close,So we starting plan anything could be possible.HBZ new mix album cover design and Filter017 opening video music collaborative not long ago.This product was mixed Filter017 classic pattern release the crossover limit shopping bag. It’s reveal both will have more collaborative products in future.

Price US$19

Homeborn Specializ(HBZ) Information.
From Taiwan’s clothing and fitting’s brand HBZ, by ” Homeborn Specialized” For the basis, utilizes the creativity which and the powerful and unconstrained style idea the Arab League dwelling indulges in fantasy realizes on the brand clothing, and pours into a finer work in the brand to create the infinite possibility, enables HBZ to become Specialized (outstanding) the brand pronoun. HBZ lives together harmoniously in 2007 by the Calvin Kuo(DJ/Surfer/Graffiti) summons establishes together, the brand by the street corner leisure culture axis, often cooperates primarily with the different domain’s artistic creator, is sure need the creativity drawing close to life, and provides the consumer the top quality the street clothing.

HBZ official Site:

Filter017 official website:
Filter017 Twitter:
Filter017 CREALIVE Shop FB fan group:​ges/Filter017-CREALIVE-Sho​p/218457938181965

International Online Shop:http://filter017.bigcartel​.com/

Filter017 CREALIVE Shop
No.10, Ln. 201, Sec. 3, Sanmin Rd.,
North Dist., Taichung City 40445, Taiwan(R.O.C.)
If you trip in Taiwan, welcome to visit our shop in Taichung City. :)

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