Filter017 Pattern Wallet

Filter017 Pattern Wallet

Unlike commercially available pattern wallet are made by artificial leather. And screen printing or transfer pattern manufacturing.
This time Filter017 present 「Filter017 Pattern Wallet」, specially commissioned friendly design brand unit -「UT-LAB」, with it research and development of leather spray technology, faithful presentation of Filter017′s classic design pattern graphic detail, in addition the color saturation is not easy to shedding fade, fully retained the feel of the original leather texture, professional leather making with refined processing brand exclusive with metal pieces, the whole texture are even more outstanding.

Material: Genuine leather
Style: Black and white paper torn / Colorful retro
Release Date: 2012.11.02(Fri) 
Bonus: *Filter017 dedicated gift packing box*

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The graphic “Art” and “Graphic Design” is always the Filter017 creative team original intention and essence, and it’s always our promotion’s important point and the spirit.
Further to the recently launched limited edition hand-made printmaking, we are going to present you our miniature works collection set「STRIKE PACK」,「STRIKE PACK」including the Filter017′s chosen graphic design collection since 2004-2012, and contain the 10 paragraph high-pounds of paper material printed graphic cool card. Additionally with a special color printing “PANTONE Gold” made over the years logo and graphics featured posters as gift.

Filter017 has always been the spirit of “mixed sauces”, we used the retro envelope as packaging, to exclusive unique design packaging for “STRIKE PACK” , add to the overall value of the collection.
Preference Filter017′s friends do not miss this worthy collection of refined miniature works Collection set.

Size:10.3 cm X 15.5 cm X 2.2cm
Release Date:2012.11.02(Fri)

More pictures please visit our official article. :)


Continuation the the OUTDOOR LAB topics, Filter017 launch to virtual organizations B.S.F. (Boy Scouts of Filter017) as the theme.
Scout ranger, wilderness camps and other elements of inspiration as the design of the six-ball caps, design images rendered with exquisite embroidery levels PIONEER (pioneers) of stone axes.
Stone axes human source from the one of the most ancient hewing tools, plays a very important role in the wilderness expanse of ancient times, in addition to the meaning of the original human wisdom and courage,
Also a symbol of the pioneer pioneer the idea of “courage” and “innovation innovation”. (more…)

Filter017「FCL OUTDOOR LAB」Screen Printing Poster

In 2010 and 2011 Filter017 were launched two limited handmade screen prints, those handmade screen prints are sold out in a short time,thanks to all collectors friends support.
In 2012 Filter017 design team used the creative theme call”FCL OUTDOOR LAB” officially launches the third handmade screen prints.
This time we challenges more difficulty in printing techniques, the production process is used more complex and higher cost 「composite printing technology」
try to be combined with the printing and the traditional manual screen printing each other in two ways, for this,we already failed research several times in the recombination process, finally to the complicated processes to overcome the problems caused by the wrong version of the paper in the printing process by heat shrinkable, the results is not come easily.
For reach the texture to the art quality,using imported paper material as source,From the paper,ink select and ink proportion, from the know – how to printers law and knack,In the finished product are exquisite craftsmanship. (more…)

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