McKelly is Back and in Full Color with an Undead Samurai!

UnDead Samurai by McKelly

McKelly is Back Baby!

After time away from personal illustration projects, McKelly (Myself and my partner in crime Sean Kelly) is back and using color with total disregard to historical accuracy.

If you like this design, you can see more over at our website and you can purchase the design as an ultra cool light up LED skateboard from the amazing crew at Light Bohrd!

More McKelly Soon!


Jim Phillips (Designer and artist from Santa Cruz) Art Show-The Dreamers
14th to 23th Oct, 2011. At Delta Skateboard Store in Taipei, Taiwan.

Very honor to  participate in the exhibition, and we re-design some famous art works by Mr. Phillips. Like screaming hand so on. Enjoy our the works and hope the exhibition opening successfully.

More pictures, please visit our webesite.


Filter017 first attempt to use laser engraving skateboards art “Razzle Dazzle Classic 2010 skateboard”. August this year in Los Angeles SK8 Cafe’s “Board out of My Mind | Skateboard Art Show” after the show, has attracted attention and asked friends, and community feedback and discussion.

Therefore, after the exhibition in the United States, specifically a small amount of custom, made available to interested persons collection, the world’s limited 20, and with a wooden skateboard get autographed limited certification card. Selling limited edition collection, sold out will no longer be produced!

Production and testing process, in order to claim the delicacy of detail and perfection of the presentation, after repeated failures and adjustments, while overcoming the technical problems, the final selection of 20 finished products, quality and integrity was amazing.


Filter017″ Razzle Dazzle Classic 2010 skateboard” display at SK8 CAFE, LA

Filter017 first attempt laser engraving works “Razzle Dazzle Classic 2010 skateboard”. It is currently on display “Board out of My Mind | Skateboard Art Show” at SK8 Cafe, Los Angeles.

We are honored to be invited to the exhibition, to show the refinement of detail and the perfect present, the laser engraving, we repeated failures and adjustment, but also overcome many technical problems, the final outcome is satisfaction! Among the many works of great prominence.

According to official sources, the opening party also been very successful, and many people in the day to visit the exhibition, after more complete information, we will be published in the BLOG will share the glory of our friends!

More pictures, please click this link. :) Thank you for this exhibition and all helper.

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