Bud Spencer contest on LaFraise

LaFraise.com launched a special contest dedicated to one of my childhood heroes: Bud Spencer. Maybe guys outside Europe don’t know who he is, but if you are my age and Italian or German or French or I don’t know, he probably was one of your favorite actors. Of course I had to take part in this :)
This is my submission. If you want to score this design to help me win this contest click this link: http://en.lafraise.com/Submission/index/id/142953 if you want to watch some work in progress and details click here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Bud-Spencer-contest-t-shirt-design/5850865


Creative Cards “5 of spades”




I made this illustration for Creative Cards, a project I’ve been invited to take part in. Here how the project is explained by the creator:
“The main aim of the project is to create something astonishing, collectable and unique. We have invited 54 top digital creative ninjas and asked them to pick up one card each and make a design of it in their own style and technique. We are proud that there are such gurus as Joshua Davis, Shotopop, Brosmind, Your-Majesty and others. The one and the only requirement to the authors was so that the theme of their artwork should fit to the card they’ve chosen best and as a result we’ve got a deck of individually illustrated playing cards.”

Please enjoy the project on Behance to take a look at more details and stuff about this :)

The Renmen Project x Blood Sweat Vector






Project: The Renmen Project x Blood Sweat Vector collaboration ‘poster series’

This project is one of the most ambitious and detailed of the Renmen Project pieces, and the first large group Blood Sweat Vector collaboration projects, bringing together 12 BSV artists to create a series of unique and fresh new Typographic illustration artworks.

Artists were organised in to pairs to work together on 1 letter from the word R E N M E N (which is the Haitian word for L O V E) ! Lovingly crafted and organised over a period of over 6 months, the result is 6 intricate illustrations, each letter blending together the styles of each collaborating duo to create something very very special. You can see the time and effort invested in the project by each BSV artist from the artworks.

Click here for *MORE DETAILS*

Artist / Letter List:

1. R – Zutto + Chris Leavens
2. E – Loungekat + Bucketothought
3. N – Travis Price + Okayboss
4. M – Stephen Chan + StubbornSideburns
5. E – Tougui + IKS
6. N – J3Concept + Tokyo Candies

Limited edition of 20 sets
A3 Quality Prints

Available to purchase at:
The Renmen Shop

Hell yeah!

I posted my last submission on Threadless months ago (I don’t even remember when), last week I had some free time and I started a random design which I turned into a “music/indie/hipster” funny theme with some ironic quotes (mostly taken from a friend of mine).

Thanks for your support: vote here.

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