Kyle the Bomb

This was a very exciting project for me . Scott from ShinBone Creative and I started chatting awhile back about working on a toy project together. We mulled over a few ideas, and decided that “Kyle” my bomb mascot would be a good option. Kyle has been a staple in my branding for the last few years, and we figured it would be one of the most recognizable of my characters.

It’s no secret that I have been wanting to have some of my characters rendered in 3D, and the chance to potentially release this guy as a toy one day got me very very excited to say the least.
Again big thanks to Scott at ShinBone and make sure to follow him on Twitter.
On a side note, if this little guy gets enough online support, we might consider making him into a limited run of toys, spread the word :)


Filter017 X 909Toy Eggcore Sweet Rabbit Pre-Order

After subscript, the need to complete the full amount of USD258 (including shipping) payment,
to pre-order to complete the process, the product will be June 17, 2011 the week after the reunification of shipment, the number of very rare, only limited to 30 sets worldwide, such as Less than the actual number,
we will send the goods in the order book. If the quota is full and can’t receive the arrival, the amount previously paid in advance will be fully refunded. Don’t worry!

The toy can’t not choose number.

Filter017 X 909Toy Sweet Rabbit detailed product specifications:
Package size: Length 24cm, Width 24cm, and Height 11cm
Eggcore size: Height 11cm, Width 8cm
Contents in the package:
-Wooden hardcover
-Color paper foam
-Art paper manual
-Metal laser number of limited card
-909 TOY & FILTER017 stickers

Official price: US$ 258.00

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After Rody Texi, this time, Filter017 meet 909Toy the eggcore rabbit to the old theme of American snacks packaging, design painting into a full retro sweet taste of “SWEET EGGCORE“.
For the retro elements and colors have been very loved, so collected a lot of American snacks packaging design, for example, the familiar Kellogg, Pepsi, Nestle’s KitKat, etc …, these elements and color scheme can be in SWEET EGGCORE found in the design of Icon.
Adults and children love to make crazy snacks, in addition to sweet taste, the vision must be to catch, so we selected Filter017 common, red, yellow, blue, white with black. Too sweet and strong; contrast also fragrant.

January 7, 2004,
After a 6-year retention period,
I still sweet smell,
South Sunlight of cocoa,
meets crispy peanut,
I still believe
Only melts in your mouth – not in your hand.

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