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This work has been one of my proposals for Hello Bank by BNP Paribas campaign, in collaboration with Curioos and Publicis Paris. This one in particular has not been chosen, but I spent so much work on it that I wanted to share :) . To see more details and the other proposals, including the chosen one, you can check the project on my behance

Brothers of the Stripe | Pick Me Up Art Fair 2013

Collective: Brothers of the Stripe
Event: ‘Pick Me Up Art Fair | London

“…For their Pick Me Up Debut B.O.T.S are taking their imagery back to school to create an alphabet print series that looks at illustrated type and create images that display our childhood memories. Expect toys, visual stories, and prints galore!…” — at Somerset House

My Contribution to the show:
H for Howard’s Hidden House of Hallways
P for Patrick Vs the Giant Python
X for Xavier Excavates the X – Marks the Spot

Childhood Print:
A Small Treasured Robots Origin

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Some pictures from ‘Pick Me Up Art Fair | London



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