New Jthree Concepts Website

The new website is about 99.9% done, so I thought I’d share with everyone. Along with the new website there are also 2 wallpacks available for download under the “Downloads” section.
The Jthree Concepts logo acts as the “loading” indicator.
Clicking on the Project Title will bring up more details on the project along with thumbs which you can use for navigation or click on the next image in the sequence to view it.

Make sure the grab the wallpacks when you can, only available for a limited time.

Big thanks to the Unknown Collective for the site design.

Love & All Consequences

The quadruplet ‘Sisters of Destruction’ are immortal nymphs who fed on human flesh, namely young men. They would seduce, kill and then consume weary travelers. For their acts they were in time punished by the powers that be and sentenced to control each of the four seasons for eternity. Their anger towards their punishers and their sentence explains the sometimes unpredictable weather patterns and natural disasters we see today.

Core characters based off the same girl. Full design is a repeating pattern but not currently for sale on any products. These will also be part of a promotional wallpack for my new website, coming soon!

Full details on Behance.

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