And now to introduce my self…

My name is Chris Metcalfe. I am a long time visiter to this blog. It is a great inspiration to my work. I am super stoked to be able to contribute. Go check out my stuff at I currently am the design manager at Skullcandy in Park City. So come to me with all of your headphone needs… if you have something good to trade. ha ha.

This first post is a design exercise I like to do. I find a quote I like and then illustrate it. Pretty easy.



  1. J3Concepts

    Great to have you aboard mate :) Love this sketch too, excellent quote. Would love to see this little sucker colored!

      • J3Concepts

        Ha ha, awesome :) Will you have a series of these down the road you think?

  2. okayboss

    Nice work sir. I think i prefer the 2nd version (half coloured).
    Checked your tumblr too. You have a great style!


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