This is the original custom toy I designed. I have laser cut/engrave many different bamboo materials and a little bit of acrylic board then I hand assembled all the parts to create 3D object. I hand colored, stained and sanded. I made total of 4 bodies for now. I am really happy with the result. Because of the natural material, (Bamboo is also very ecological material by the way,) and I finish each piece by hand, there is nice personality to each of these. more info here.


  1. J3Concepts

    This turned out so incredible bud. Incredible work on this. the fact it’s all wood & acrylic and hand assembled is a great touch. Very impressed :)

  2. stubbornsideburn

    Thank you Jared! I hope to expand this product line!

  3. okayboss

    I think saying this is ‘epic’ is no exaggeration!
    and at $50 a piece it’s a great bargain too. brilliant work sir.

  4. stubbornsideburn

    Thanks for another encouragement please look forward to the new line of products!


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