Jthree Wallpack 2010

This collection represents Jared’s favorite personal pieces over the last 1-2 years.
All wallpapers illustrated by Jared Nickerson/J3Concepts/Jthree.

The Jthree Wallpack 2010 consists of 26 Desktop wallpapers in 1920×1200 and 2560×1600 resolutions and 24 iPad wallpapers in 1024×1024 resolution.
(iPad walls will also work with the iPhone and other like phones)

Please respect the copyright included with the pack.

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All Wallpapers in this pack Copyright Jared K. Nickerson/J3Concepts 2010 By purchasing and downloading this wallpack (Jthree Wallpack 2010), you the Buyer, receive a non exclusive,non transferable limited right to only use the wallpapers that you acquire for personal use and for no other purpose.

In particular you MUST NOT: (a) directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell or provide for free the wallpapers or offer to do any of these things; (b) reproduce the wallpaper(s); (c) make the wallpaper(s) available on a website; (d) use the wallpaper(s) in a design/illustration which you are creating; or (e) incorporate the wallpaper(s) in a design/illustration which is created for Resale.

These restrictions apply to you whether the wallpaper(s) is being used in the creation of a work for yourself or for someone else and where the wallpaper(s) is being used in the creation of a work by someone else on your behalf. You may display/show the wallpaper(s) in a desktop or iPad screenshot for demonstration purposes only. If you have downloaded this wallpack from any website besides www.bloodsweatvector.com please contact jared@jthreeconcepts.com with full details.


  1. I just bought this and paid my money and didn’t get anything….no email no link nothing….that is ridiculous I want a refund…..

    • J3Concepts

      Check your spam filter, or please contact BSV support.

  2. $3 very well spent; happy to lend my support.

  3. Hi, it’s Christina from the Philippines. I just purchased the wallpaper pack and currently downloading it. If it’s J3Concepts I know it’s worth it. :)
    hopefully more stuff to come from you. Thanks a lot.

  4. Hey Jared
    I’m from New Zealand and I first saw your work on a friend of mine’s desktop and it blew my mind. I have since shown your work to other creatives in my city and they just rate it as serious Kick Ass!! We all hope one day soon one of us will own one of your actual Wall Murals. New Zealand is lovin’ your creative genius. :)

    As we say here in NZ – True Story! Choice Buzz!


  5. just bought it

    & now i got a 21KB/s downloadrate >_<

    seems like i have to wait an hour..

  6. Bought it…love it :)

  7. pfffffffffff I can’t paid from my country

  8. This is the first time I’ve actually purchased a wallpaper, EVER. (And I don’t regret it at all. :] )

  9. Any chance you’ll be releasing the Super Mega Fun wall? I saw one wall that is from that, but I was really hoping for the fifth-image-down on Behance.

    • J3Concepts

      No sorry Ashley, that design is owned by Threadless now, so I can’t sell the actual design. Thanks for the support though!

  10. BettyVonDoom

    Money well spent.. I absolutely love your art!

  11. Hi
    I really love Jared and his artworks, I wanted to know about licence a little more because it’s not very clear to me:

    I want to sell a website theme on Envato marketplace called Themeforest.net, do I allow to use this images in preview demo ( only preview), I would NOT include any of these images and/or sell them as a product, My only intention is to use these amazing arts as mock-up and preview


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